Post #1117 – Backhand

Finished another collage – this one’s entitled Backhand.  It’s 20″ x 26″, mixed media collage on paper.  May 2013.  Available for purchase – if interested, please shoot me an email. As always, prints are available via society6 and saatchionline. Tweet

Post #1116 – a brief update (and some thank yous)

It’s been a while friends, so I thought an update was slightly overdue…. First off, the influential collage blog, Feru Leru, was kind enough to recently post some of my work over on their site.  Thank you for that. Much appreciated. And the kind folks over at The Weird Show  featured a few of my […]

Post #1114 – The Nerium Spring

Finished another collage recently – this one is entitled the nerium spring  It’s 30″ wide by 22″ high, mixed media collage on paper.  April 2013. As always, you can purchase prints from and  If you are interested in purchasing the original, feel free to shoot me an email.   Tweet

Post #1108 – Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction

I recently finished a new collage – this one’s entitled Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction. Mixed media on paper. 15″ x 15″. This and other collages will be hanging this March at the Redding Gallery space in Wilmington, DE – more info on that to come. Prints and posters are available via society6 […]

Post #1107 – Joe Castro: Mirada Profunda (Anormal Mag)

Very excited to have some artwork featured over at I’ve been a fan of their site for a while now – they always post a really strong and diverse selection of work from around the globe, so I’m stoked to be included. Click here to check out the article. Tweet

Post #1106 – 13 collages on Empty Mirror Magazine

Empty Mirror Arts and Literary Magazine recently posted a collection of 13 of my collages  –  click here to check it out.  For those unfamiliar, Empty Mirror is an online magazine focusing on poetry, original literature, music and the visual art with a heavy love for all things Beat Generation – it’s a very cool […]

Post #1104 – Wrap us in a blanket of nightshade

Finished a new collage, entitled Wrap us in a blanket of Nightshade. This one is 12″ x 18″, mixed media collage on paper. December 2012. This piece is being shipped to Italy for the 2013 Art for a Cause show. More info to come. Prints are available at   Save Tweet

Post #1101 – congratulations, you caught the bouquet….

Finished a new collage, this one’s entitled “congratulations, you caught the bouquet…“. mixed media on paper. 13″ x 17” November 2012. Prints available on society6. Save Tweet

Post #1097 – Dylan

I was recently commissioned by a good friend to do a painting of Bob Dylan as a surprise for his wife’s birthday.  He was looking for that iconic, 1965 look so for reference I used a selection of black and white photos taken by legendary photographer Richard Avedon.  This is how it turned out. The […]

Post #1090 – Big Class no.2

  Just about a year ago, I was invited (via clubmumble) to contribute a drawing to an indie publishing project out of New Orleans called Big Class.  The project involved a group of first graders from Lincoln Elemantary who had each written a short story.  Each story was then sent out to various professional artists […]

Post #1085 – Aftershock at Home Grown Cafe

I have a small collection of collages and gig posters (9 total) for sale at Home Grown Cafe in Newark, DE throughout May and June, including this brand new one, entitled Aftershock.  It’s mixed media on paper, 12″ x 16″.  April 2012. Prints are available through Society6. Home Grown is a great spot with good […]

Post #1080 – clubmumble RIP

As some of you might have heard, Bob K. has decided, after many years, to pull the plug on I just wanted to quickly thank Bob K for inviting me to be a member and contributor – to be listed among so many other talented artist and skateboarders (including more than a few childhood […]