Post #1079 – Blind Exodus

Finished another collage recently, this one’s entitled Blind Exodus. It’s 16″ x 18″, mixed media on paper. Prints are available over at Tweet

Post #1073 – The Rushing Fog

Finished a new collage recently, this one entitled The Rushing Fog. Mixed media on paper 15″ x 20″ Jan 2012. Prints are available over at Tweet

Post #1062 – Put us on MTV, all we really need….

Sometime this past August, I was approached by the MTV World Design Studio in Buenos Aires to create a “gig-poster style” print ad for their 2011 European Music Awards, which will feature a live performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Now, as a late 80’s skate rat, I grew up on the Chili Peppers, […]

Post #1057 – My Friends, Atlas

This Friday night, be sure to catch two of the better up and coming bands from Delaware, Atlas and My Friends, as they celebrate the release of their brand new, split EP (on glorious 12″ vinyl) at the Queen in Wilmington. I was honored to be asked to design the record sleeve, which features the collage, […]

Post #1053 – Friday Morning

I recently finished a new painting, entitled Friday Morning.  This one is oil paint on board and measures 16″ x 16″. Purchasing inquiries, please contact me at Save Tweet

Post #1049 – So you guys wanna see a dead body?

I recently designed a t-shirt for Kinetic and Switch skate shops in Delaware, to help raise money for the new 7th Street skate spot in Wilmington.  The tee is loosely based on the film Stand By Me, as an inside-joke to the way-out-of-the-way location of the new park – it’s basically a long walk down […]

Post #1044 – Maya

Recently finished a new painting – entitled Maya – a tribute to avant garde film maker Maya Deren. Oil on board. 18″ x 24″, complete April 2011. Available for purchase – shoot me an email if you are interested. Tweet

Post #1031 – The Way It Was

About a year and a half ago, I got an email from an old friend, Michael Sanchez, asking if I’d like to work on an album cover for an upcoming EP by his band, The Way It Is.  Originally planned as a vinyl release for first quarter 2010, I was super stoked on the project […]

Post #1030 – Playing on the Waves

This is another recent collage, from December 2010, that was later used on a poster for the band Deerhoof.  It’s entitled Playing on the Waves.  Mixed media on paper and matted to 16″x20″.  Sold. Save Tweet

Post #1029 – In Adhesion

I finished a couple of new collages especially for the show at Fringe, including this one – it’s entitled In Adhesion. Mixed media on paper and matted to 16″ x 20″. February 2011 and, for those interested, already sold. Hope you dig it. Save Tweet

Post #1023 – Lost Interview?

Sometime toward the end of 2009, I got an email from the folks over at Artprojekt requesting an interview for their blog, followed by 5 short questions. In all honesty, I took a few months before finally getting around to responding and, although I was told it would go live sometime last spring, it most […]

Post #1020 – Radiant Children

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the new Basquiat documentary, A Radiant Child, and really, really enjoyed it.  Very well done and insightful – the bebop sound track was on point and the vibe of the whole thing just seemed really spot on.  And I liked how they tracked back to […]