Post #1247 – Meet & Greet at Latela Gallery

Thursday April 20, I’ll be back in Washington, DC. to participate in an Artist Meet and Greet at the Latela Gallery in Brookland, to help close out the last few days of the Collage II exhibit.  6-9 pm with wine provided by Weygandt Wines.  Hope to see you there.


Post #1246 – Planetary Obsolescence

cut paper collage on paper
the original is 20″ x 19″.  March 2017

Prints, etc available via society6 and saatchi.


Post #1245 – Rewind/Unwind

cut paper collage on paper
The original is 11.5″ x 15.5″  March 3017.

Prints, etc. available via society6 and saatchi.


Post #1244 – Cults of Life #6

Excited to finally receive my copy of Cults of Life #6 in the mail last week, which features some of my collage work as well as a short interview. The new book format is great and the whole thing looks beautiful. Definitely pick up a copy. Thanks Niko for including me!

More info:
Issue #6 contains whopping 92 pages of international collage talent, with 36 artist features and 4 artist interviews.

Feature artists:
Lee McKenna (NZ), DadaSoulface (US), Dominik Bönisch (DE), Ed Dander (MX/US), Ermanno Cavaliere Goge (IT), Akinbo Akinnuoye (US), Lydia Mojzis (DE), X Is The Weapon (US), Dragut collage (TR), DHS (DE), Niko Vartiainen (FI), Linda Bernhard (UK), Cory Peeke (US), Flore Kunst (FR), Lia Boscu (UK), Deborah Stevenson (US), Itchi (FR), Martin Carri (AR), Anna Carolina Gelabert (PA), Dustin Bowen (US), Guy Vording (NL), Ricardo Tomás (SP), Sergio S Vidal (US), Nikolaus Dolman (AU), Franz Samsa (IT), Gabriel Parniak (CA), Stephen Tierney (AU), Jorge Chamorro (DE), computarded (US), Cless (SP), Johnny Gialanella (US), Lula Valletta van der Helm (DE), Matthew Bealor (US), Musta Fior (FR), Walter Paganuzzi (IT), Maxomatic (SP)

Joe Castro (US), ChangGang Lee (JP), Kit Clark (US) and Danilo Brandao (BR/AU)

Cult leaders #6 details:
January 2017, A5 format, 92 pages, 36 artist features and 4 artist interviews.
Curated and edited by Niko Vartiainen.


Post #1243 – collapsing under your own gravity

cut paper collage on paper
the original is 17″ x 23.5″.  march 2017

Prints, etc. available via society6 and saatchi.


Post #1242 – the pain of avoiding suffering

cut paper collage and gouache on paper
The original is 11.5″ x 19″. February 2017

Prints, etc. available via society6 and saatchionline


Post #1241 – 2016 CQ International Awards

Thank you Creative Quarterly International Magazine and Paul White for the love.

Check out the entire award issue here.


Post #1240 – A Relapse in Consciousness

cut paper collage and gouache on paper
the original is 17″ x 18.5″

Prints, etc available via society6 and saatchi.


Post #1239 – Marvelous

Happy New Year everyone! Excited to announce my first group show for 2017 – entitled Marvelous, an International Exhibition of Collage, Assemblage and Construction, the show is being hosted by the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in California.  The opening reception is January 6 at 6pm and the show runs until February 17.  Unfortunately, I can’t make it out for this one so, if you are there, please send along a few photos. Marvelous was juried by John Hundt, Sherry Parker & Cecil Touchon.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S. High Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472  •707.829.4797


Post #1238 – Arkitip x Ello

I’m very honored to have a collage featured in the latest issue of Arkitip Magazine.   I’ve been a fan for years and have been turned on to so many great artists because of it, not to mention that it’s pages have featured legends like Thomas Campbell, Evan Hecox, Ed Templeton and so many more. Issue 0062 is a collaboration with Ello and features 40 artists that were selected by a jury that included Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers, Alleged Gallery) and Damon Way (DC shoes co-founder, FACT clothing).  Super stoked – thank you Arkitip and Ello for including me.

Order you copy here.

About Ello issue 0062:

Sometimes you just get on a bike and ride – together.

For nearly 15+ years Arkitip has meant what’s there on the edge of culture, what’s there that you love but you haven’t yet discovered – what’s about to happen next. Ello couldn’t think of a better partner in its quest to support creators everywhere, by building an e-commerce and publishing platform that provides visibility, influence and opportunity for the world’s creatives.

So together we rode to – Here is What You Have, This is What You Hold.

We don’t think art is meant to be viewed alongside ads for hamburgers or hybrids. Ephemeral as it may be, an online showcase for this work didn’t seem enough, so we decided that printing a newspaper gave this project the respect and permanence it deserves. What Arkitip provides offline, Ello does online. It’s a place where members share a positive community and come to collaborate, build their audience, or just be.

This shared destination is one that values creators because it puts the emphasis on moving the world forward through creativity first. It’s one that Arkitip x Ello pedal together.

Arkitip & Ello, have teamed up to showcase 40 brilliant artists who are currently sharing their work on Ello. To further promote some of the best and brightest Ello contributors, we conducted an online juried art exhibition.

Ello members were selected by jury for the final online exhibition grouping. The work of these selected artists are what you ‘have’ here, the 62nd issue edition of Arkitip.

This edition was made possible with generous support from Ello.

Aleksandr Smirnov, Alencar Loch, Andrea Manzati, Andrew De Francesco, Brooke Reidt, Bruno Candiotto, Cy Tone, Daina Hodgson, Dan Covert, Dario Raspudic, Dave Towers, David Esquviel, Dragos Ioneanu, Dyanna Dimick, Hildegarde Handsaeme, Jamie Kripke, Jenniffer Omaitz, Joe Castro, Kaiho Yu, Lance Austin Olsen, LEEMO, Leo Ureña, Luke Ramsey, Makoto Takigawa, Maude Turgeon, Mina Wright, Misa Yamamoto, Monique de Brock Bol, Nathan Head, Nathan Ishar, Ned Evans, Nicolas Monterrat, Nicole Xu, Nihil Minus, SD Evans, Susannah van der Zaag, The Strohls, Thomas Park, Will Patlove