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Shells - paper collage by artist Mighty Joe Castro

Shells (Post 1306)

Shells is a piece of cut paper collage art using images found in vintage magazines and other ephemera that are then dry adhered to paper with a gel medium.  The original image is roughly 12 inches wide by 17 inches tall (not including matte and frame). It was completed in January 2020. Prints of Shells […]

Postcards From Tomorrow Beer (post 1305)

“Postcards From Tomorrow” is another collaboration beer release from Hidden River Brewery in Douglassville, PA & Levante Brewing in West Chester, PA. The can features my collage Wish You Were Here on it. The beverage inside is a delicious Double Indie Pale Ale. Kevin from Hidden River told me this morning he feels this is […]

Dorks with Forks podcast with Mighty Joe Castro

Dorks with Forks (Post 1304)

Hello friends (and dorks). I apologize for the delay in posts lately but, between making art and performing with Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen, life has been moving full steam ahead. I was honored though to be a guest on Season 3 of the Dorks and Forks podcast. We talked collage art and my […]

What's Really Good with Nathan Allebach podcast

What’s Really Good podcast (post #1303)

I recently did a lengthy interview with Nathan Allebach for his podcast, What’s Really Good. We talked about my collage art and my recent retrospective book. We talked about Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen and some of my past music projects. And we also covered some personal philosophy, state of the world, social media, […]