Someone sent another 10lb bar of ghiradelli chocolate to work so, if I bablble, i’m sorry.

Speaking of surfing (see Entry #4) I once tried “riding giants” at the jersey shore. It was pretty much the equivilant of getting shot in the face with a fire house for three hours. I must have taken seven good shots to the face thanks to my board. Lesson learned, though – don’t stay out until four in the morning at the local watering hole if you’re planning on being athletic the next day. Right, jp?

Move over primal scream – i recently checked out the new single by Kasabian on iTunes and, I’ve got to say, it rocks.

I did a new Flash intro movie for the Mister Rogers’ exhibit at Please Touch Museum. Check it out (no longer up – ed).

Have you tried that new chocolate drink at Starbucks? The one that’s like 100% super pure chocolate crack? If not, would you like to buy me one?

Anyway, to hell with Pepsi. I’d rather teach the world to sing, know what I mean? Can I get paid now?