It’s the 38th day of 2005 – since the beginning of the year, both Tucker’s and my amps have gone on the fritz, three of my four pedals have broken down, Tucker almost gets in a brawl at the khyber, then ends up in the hospital two day later, then his car gets stolen and Bogdan’s Pro-tools set up breaks down, tempoarily halting recording. Is The Situation cursed? Does this have anything to do with Tucker’s bizarre fascination with the number 5? I don’t know but I’m definitely renting “The Serpent and the Rainbow” this week to find out what’s what. I’m not usually one to mess with black magic but enough is enough.

I caught part of Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam on TV on Sunday and it looked like a three ring Circus. I don’t get all the cheesy lights and show-biz hooplah – in my opinion, it cheapens an art form that meant a lot to me growing up. What – is Tony the new P.T. Barnum? Maybe next year they’ll all wear matching multi-colored tuxedos with bright orange afro wigs. That should go over really well with the all important tween demographic.