Ever get caught in the middle of two friends fighting? It can be pretty amusing, especially when one starts preaching like he’s Gandhi and the other like che guevara. It’s ok though, Gandhi’s so self absorbed that he’ll never actually read this. And besides, my name is Castro, so who am I to talk? To quote another model citizen (Rodney King,) can’t we all just get along.

Hey, can sharks swim in the snow? I’m pretty sure they can’t but what do i know. My cable doesn’t have animal planet.

If you’re in town this Saturday night, be sure to swing by The Art Show & Clothing Swap at the CODE Space in West Philly. Here’s the Specifics:

CLOTHING SWAP and Art Show!!!! SATURDAY, February 12th at The C.O.D.E. Space in West Philly  (48th and Woodland)

Featuring music by:
Golden Girls
The Extremist

Becky Schmidt
Sarah Cavalier
Leslie Q.

Swap starts at 6pm (bring your old clothes and trade for something new!)
Film at 7pm
Poetry at 8pm
Music at 9pm

The show is all ages. Admission is $3 if you bring clothing to donate, $5 if you don’t. (Just bring an old sweater or something.) And the clothing swap is for every gender.