Who in their right mind would invent a singing condom and not put Barry White or Marvin Gaye on it? Sometimes I can’t stand “whitey”

The film section has finally been updated! You can now watch clips from “19 Horton Avenue – The Lost Castro Films” as well as “Fingerbanging” in it’s entirety! I’m planning on putting up more short films in the months to come.

I started watching “The Motorcycle Diaries” last night but fell asleep. Yeah, I know – I’m lame. I’ll finish it tonight though. I like how they keep referring to Alberto as “fatty” – it reminded me of Thor. “grasa gorda gorda grasa” – that’s “fatty fat fat fat” in spanish. Viva Che!

Anyway, the percentage of angry emails has dropped down significantly in the last few days. Must be that post-Valentines day euphoria I’ve heard so much about. Nick hasn’t stopped smiling since the weekend.