Former My Wig Is On and Smashing Orange frontman Rob Montejo is displaying some of his recent paintings this Friday, March 4 at the Buzz Ware Village Art Center in Arden. I really like his work, so stop by and show him some love. Speaking of Smashing Orange, Elephant Stone Records, home of the Reece Nasty EP, will be releasing an impressive retrospective on the band this spring complete with artwork by The Situation’s own, Christopher Tucker. Pre-order now or be left in silence, suckers.

By the way, did I mention that Mr. Tucker is obsessed with this sugar substitute? Word on the street is that he’s also in the process of buying up half the houses in Fishtown.

I can’t wait to see this new documentary on The Minutemen. If you’ve never heard them before, pick up Double Nickels on a Dime – you won’t be disappointed.

Everything you learned in school is wrong. Not only does marijuana help with alzheimers but the Great Wall of China is built out of rice!