Ok, if you’re going to go out wheat pasting, it’s usually NOT a good idea to hit law offices or police stations. Just thought I’d pass some wisdom along.

Just a reminder, if you’re in NYC tomorrow night, The Situation will be performing at Pianos so stop on by. To make things interesting, Laz flies in to Philadelphia from Las Vegas at 7:00p.m. Saturday night, which will be followed by a mad dash up I-95 N to try and make it in time for the show. Vegas odds has it at 4-1 he won’t make it. However, what they don’t know is that I’m riding shotgun and God is our co-pilot. Luckily, I made him watch “Cannonball Run” a few months back so he knows what it takes to get the job done.

Holy Shit – it’s Chris Hillman’s robotic Top Five!

hillman_robot_suitChris Hillman’s Top Five robots (or robogroups) that make you say “Holy Shit!”

1. Holy Shit because that`s alotta cables.

2. beach babee goonhoomebeachbabeegoawhatahoozit?..Holy Shit!

3. Holy Shit that looks … .. …really expensive

4. Holy Shit – look what they did to my cute little rolly robotrek toy ..what`re they gonna do next, strap explosives to dolph ..oh yeah.

5. The military coulda saved money and just hired these guys  …i`m surprised they havn`t killed people already  (or did they..I forget). Holy Shit – a flaming pig ball!

Thanks Chris. Have a great weekend everybody.