So, I arrived at rehearsal last night to find that my amp (which I just got back from the repair shop this past Friday) was not working again. With the TLA show less than 24hrs away (9:00 p.m. tonight if you’re planning on making it out), I made a flurry of phone calls and took the amp back to the repair shop with a chip on my shoulder. To make a long story short, it’s being worked on as I type this. Tonight should be very interesting, indeed. Never a dull moment in The Situation, I’ll tell ya! Thanks to Lance from The Invasion for offering up his baby as a back-up. It’s really appreciated.

MeinKittenPoop2Nick (pictured left) has been walking around all day today mumbling something about P.M. Dawn and karaoke. Actually, I think that’s one of the signs of the upcoming apocalypse -at least that’s what the Weekly World News told me. Watch out for fire, brimstone and boulder-size hail. Actually, with the way the weather’s been lately, it wouldn’t surprise me. If you’ve ever heard Nick’s rendition of Momma Said Knock You Out, you’d know he’s no joke.

I saw some kid late last night bunny-hopping curbs on a unicycle on the main strip of Ridley Park in the frigged night air without a jacket. Wow, that was a long, pointless sentence. Welcome to