If JP asks if you have any good photos of him, don’t worry – they’re not for online dating or anything. He just needs a few good shots of himself for his new home. Besides, friendster isn’t really online dating. It’s more like virtual swinging, right? I wouldn’t send one of those photos to Vincent Gallo though – it doesn’t sound like he’d appreciate it very much. Anyway, here’s a very hetro-looking photo of the man himself. Drool on, ladies.


Speaking of photos, here’s another good idea that never lived up to it’s potential.


What do you mean it looks like steel wool down there? Rock the Cradle, indeed.

Talk If you’re thinking about making a vodka and cranberry with juice that’s been fermenting in your fridge since October of 2004 – take it from Nick – it’s not a good idea. He hasn’t been right since. The last time I saw him this ill was when I forced him listen to The Streets for a few hours.