So – it’s official. The Situation is now being legally represented by Nas’ lawyer, Michelle Jubilier of the prestigious law firm King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner. See, if you read this little box often enough, things DO start to make sense.

Anyway, my amp is still under the knife at the workshop, going through the equivalent of open heart surgery. We’re all pulling for it, though, so please, keep it in your prayers, brothers & sisters.

Speaking of prayers – Rest in Peace, old friend. And thank you for years of chocolate egg sweetness. They can never taint you in my eyes.

Red Bull is out and, apparently, Skaterade is in. I haven’t had Nelly’s Pimp Juice yet, so, the jury’s out on that one. JP – I think you may have found your next favorite pre-show beverage.

Tomorrow’s Friday and still no ideas for the Top 5 – any suggestions? Speak now or forever hold your peace.