SatanWantsYouI caught some crazy program last night about the history of the devil and the rise of the Church of Satan. Those guys are a laugh a minute. Hey, I like Danzig too and all but, come on. That’s alright, mama – I think I’m starting to lean toward the other new church on the block.

Anyway, this weeks Top 5 comes straight from Sitch skin beater and east coast surfin’ ladies man, John Paul Travis. Take it away, homeboy:

John Paul Travis’ Top 5 reasons it’s good to date a reality TV star (even if she’s only on PBS)

jpProfile1. It’s a good way to start conversations with other girls while she’s away filming.

2. With a PBS star, sex is always a learning experience. Even for me.

3. It’s a good conversation starter with girls after she has left you for the hot guy on “Survivor”.

4. She won’t actually leave you for the hot guy on “Survivor”. The “Survivor” people are too cool to talk to the PBS people.

5. She got used to wearing stockings and no underwear.

Thanks, JP. That’s all for this week – have a great weekend.