I hate April Fool’s Day – it gives a lot of unimaginative people with no sense of humor the idea that it’s ok to be act like an idiot. Actually, that sounds more like St. Patrick’s Day. Either way, is any holiday that doesn’t include chocolate really a celebration?

This week’s Top Five comes from the Queen of New Orleans’s herself – Kathleen Miller. Take it away, your highness….

Kathleen Miller’s Top 5 reasons it’s not so bad being diabetic (even thought it is really crappy.)

miller1.  Getting out of stupid gym class because you feel your blood sugar is a little low……

2. The ability to make your parents feel guilty for giving you their crappy “diabetic” genes

3.  Being part of one of the biggest “clubs” in America – there are more than 18.2 million people with diabetes

4. B.B. King and I have the same blood glucose meter!

5. Selling syringes to drug addicts in Camden and making a quick buck

Thanks, Kathleen. Have a great weekend, people.