Someone wrote me an email calling me a “fat lazy bastard” for not having a Top Five last week. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you cared. Speaking of food, I think I found the story of my life in paperback.

I spent some time in Princeton this weekend and the record exchange is still going strong, although they’ve replaced half of their vinyl with used DVD’s, which was kind of a let down. It’s still the best place to get vinyl in the Philly area, though.

battleGroundAnyway, we were kicking it around campus, soaking up the sunshine and all that when we happened upon an old-school break dance battle in Princeton’s gymnasium! I had no idea that the break scene was so big in the land of the Ivy League but apparently I was wrong because these men and women threw down! Not as cutting edge as the bronx breakers that you see in Central Park but strong, nonetheless. The best of the thirty or so people involved was an asian girl who had attitude and the moves to back it up. And the vibe was great – really positive and fun. It made me happy.

Seems like the curse of the Sitch is back in effect after one of the band was bit by some crazy unknown insect, sending said member to the emergency room for a quick hit of antibiotics. And so, yes, practice was again canceled. We all know that practice in overrated anyway, right?