nick PerfettoIf you’re in Philly tonight, swing by the International House on the west side to check out a screening of this year’s 48hour Film Project entries. Participants were given a genre, a prop and a line of dialogue as well as 48 hours to write, direct and edit a 4-7 minute film in 48 hours (hence the name.) This year’s batch includes one that Nick “Masta” P. worked on, so come out and show some support. Here’s the info:

48 Hours Screening Location:

International House, between 36th & 38th on Chestnut St – There is not a very clear sign on the building, but it is a big, ugly apartment/hotel looking building. Time: 7:15, April 12 Tix: $9.50 – available at the box office. It may sell out, so get there early

One more quick plug – The Situation will be playing at the Logan House on Thursday, April 21 so make the trip to Wilmington, DE and hang out with the boys.

Maybe white men can’t jump, but they sure can shoot! Check out this sick clip of the DC shoes skate team throwing some hoops at their training facility.