Picked up the new Thrasher vid, Prevent this Tragedy, and was stoked to hear two Spindrift tunes on the sound track. Good to see Kev and crew are still moving things forward. The vid’s pretty sick too – Guzman kills it.

The Sky Drops play Mojo 13 in DE tonight and, in case you missed it, the also got a really nice write up in the Philly City Paper a few weeks back. Good to see them finally getting some much deserved local props. Hopefully 2010 will be their year to break through.

And speaking of music, I’m really digging the new Raveonettes album. Worth checking out if you’re into that whole Ramones meets Jesus and Mary Chain sound.

And for those who’ve been asking – yes, the post from this past Tuesday about Nick P. is totally true. You think I’d make up something like that?

And, if you haven’t already, please consider sending some money to Haiti – we all know how much they need it right now.

Have a great weekend everyone.