Lots happening this weekend in the 215 – D$’s new band, The Standard Model, will be making their Philly debut this Saturday night at the Khyber, hitting the stage around 10pm. And around the corner, down the block, The Sky Drops are playing at Tritone sometime around 11pm. If you’re super quick, and maybe strap on some PF Flyers, you might be able to catch both sets. Johnny Quest rocks those kicks, you know.

And this Sunday, the Slingluff Gallery is hosting a Philly Side Arts Networking Happy Hour from 4-7pm. Stop by for a beer and some live music by Michael Lambert.  It’s also the last time you can catch Steven and Dawn Linden’s show, which comes down on Monday.  Worth checking out for sure. 11 W. Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

That’s it for me – thanks again for all the positive vibes.  And don’t forget to follow us twitter.  Stay sick, turn blue kids.