Went with D$ Wednesday night to catch Ray Davies acoustic gig at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington. Not much has changed in Wilmo, still a bit of a ghost town past 5:30pm except for the homeless and maybe the stray bank worker on his way to discount suds at the local happy hour. Ray Davies was great though and played for a good two hours, dropping plenty of stories and witty banter in between classic song after classic song. And he finished the set with a three song encored, back by his decent opening band, The 88s, which pretty much blew doors on most live bands I’ve seen lately. And the newer songs he played sounded great too. I was well impressed. And D$ was lucky enough to score us 3rd row center chairs – and I was smart enough to pack my little mp3 recorder, so I got decent audio from the show. Below is Ray performing Two Sisters, off The Kinks Something Else album. Enjoy. I may post more later.

That’s it for me – have a great weekend everyone.