Watched Couples Retreat the other night and have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. Given the string of lackluster Vince Vaughn flick recently, I had pretty low expectations, but I think he and Jon Favreau pulled this one out.  I don’t know – I enjoyed it, for whatever that’s worth. Made me want to go to Bora Bora, that’s for sure.

And speaking of films, looking forward to The Runaways flick.  And this new Sid Vicious documentary looks great as well.

And on the skate side of things – I really dug Devin Appelo’s part in the new Creature video.  The mix of music and footage is dead on – not your typical hip-hop or hard rock soundtrack. It’s very post-apocolyptic, like something from the soundtrack to the first Planet of the Apes movie. Plus that kids insane.  I just love the clip where he’s skating at the abandoned house in the field – it’s like something from a horror film.