Been reading the Ozzy autobiography and it’s as good as expected.  With how much that guy’s been through, I can’t even imagine how much more insane of a read it would’ve been if he could actually remember things. And it’s pretty much written as he speaks, in his own mumbled, rambling vernacular, so it’s pretty loose, and highly entertaining.

The new Epicly Later’d season started yesterday, with part 1 of the Brain Anderson series.  Love that guy’s style.  Looking forward to the rest of that one for sure.

And did I mention how good the Titus Andronicus record is?  Let me reiterate – damn good.  Super good.  Apparently, it’s a concept album about the US Civil War so drop the needle and geek out kids.

And let me mention once again that I’m now on Twitter, so, if you’re into that kind of thing, please follow along.  Let’s be honest, I have lowly 36 followers – help a brother out.

We’ll, that’s it for me.  It’s a rare 70 and sunny in Philly today, so I’m going to try and catch up on some Vitamin D.  Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for reading.