Been digging through a stack of new music lately, most of it really good.  Beside the Titus Andonicus record, I also peeped the new She & Him, Volume 2, which is just as strong as their first record. The sound is a little different, not as much of the retro-female-country vibe, but the songs are solid.  And M. Ward is on point as always. Well worth picking up at your local independent record store.

And the new Bird and the Bee Hall and Oats tribute album is decent – although I think I unwillingly OD’d on those songs sometime during the mid-80s, thanks to FM radio.  Their versions are really good, but I just can’t get the old ones out of my head, which kind of kills it for me, but what can you do.

And the Gaslight Anthem have a new track up, the first single from their upcoming American Slang album.  I gave the song a few spins and really dug it – not as immediate or catchy as some of the tracks on 59 Sound, but it’s got a good beat, and you can bug out to it.  Really looking forward to the full album.

And, speaking of music, The Sky Drops are heading out on a south-east tour this week – catch them if they land in your neck of the woods.  Click here for details.