If you’re one of the fine folks who’ve been following these posts over the years, you know that every spring, I go toe to toe with my arch nemise, the Great Blue Heron, who swoops down from the clouds to deliver death and terror to the koi and goldfish of our backyard pond.  For a short while, the decoy we’d bought kept him away but it looks like the feathered genius finally caught on. I spotted him this morning from the window, swiftly ran outside and let off a loud battle cry.  The enemy retreated, flapping it’s coffin sized wingspan and taking refuge on a nearby  rooftop. And we locked stares for a good 5 minutes, and he glared down with distain, and all the while the theme song from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly played loudly in my mind. And then he left, as quickly as he came.

It’s time to step my game up – my enemy is an animal, and in order to conquer him, I have to think like an animal and, whenever possible, to look like one.  I gotta get inside this dude’s pelt and crawl around for a few days. Thanks for inspiration Carl.