I’ve been a big fan of Banksy since first hearing about him 7 or 8 years ago.  The guy’s approach, sense of humor, context and general commentary on society is always spot on and he’s easily one of the most important artists to come along in the past decade.  Anyway, I finally saw Exit Through the Gift Shop and it did not disappoint.  It’s smart, incredibilly funny and entertaining – I seriously recommend seeing it, whether you’re into street art or not.  Honestly, I was really surprised by the audience at the theater this weekend, expecting indie rock kids and skateboarders but it was definitely more of the over 50 set.  Honestly, though – no hype – it’s really, really good.

Also saw Everybody’s Fine, with Robert DeNiro, which was also excellent.  Not sure how that got so over looked last year because it’s well written, the acting is strong and understated and it’s beautifully shot. And the trailer below doesn’t really do it justice – it’s not that light hearted, nor is it cheesy. Worth a rental.