Shortly after I posted last month’s podcast, D$ was kind enough to pass along some mp3s of Mike Sanchez’s old band, The New Death Show, and I was pleased to discover in that digital stack of tracks a song I played on, that appeared on one of their tapes around 1997 or so (unfortunately, I have no idea the name of the song, nor the tape, but I do know that they were given out during Nero’s last show).

Anyway, I have always been a fan of the New Death Show and, particularly Michael’s voice, and at that time I had really wanted to work with him. So we got together at his place and I laid down some different guitar parts for each of the song’s four sections.  A few weeks later, when I went back to hear the final mix, I found he had erased my guitar on three of those sections, without discussion or a heads up or anything, which, honestly, at the time, left a bad taste in my mouth. We never worked together musically again.  But whatever – water under the burned bridge and all that.  I’m stoked to have come across this rarity and I hope you enjoy the old school Castro wah-wah freakout.

And sorry for the lag in posts, but I took off for a two week stint down at the beach to try and enjoy the quickly passing summer.  Lots of news coming this way in the next few weeks so stay tuned.