I was recently invited to contribute a t-shirt for an “ice cream themed” art show in Philly. As many of you know, I have a pretty severe sweet tooth, so this was just too good to pass up, and a labor of love with much time being spent doing heavy research at each of the fine ice cream establishments sprinkled around the town of Rehoboth Beach.

Anyway, only 20 of these shirts were printed so, if you are interested in picking one up, the opening party takes place this Friday night, August 6th, at Part Time Studios from 6-10pm. Roughly 20 or so artists also contributed shirt designs, so there should be plenty of eye candy to take in.  And, as a bonus,  ice cream will be provided by the always delicious Franklin Fountain and, oddly enough, flavored jello shots will also be on hand, courtesy of My Jello Americans.  Stop by if you’re in town We All Screen for Ice Cream. 2031 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19125

And, as always, special thanks to the fine folks at ABNRML for screen printing the shirts. Much appreciated and a great job as always.

Ice Cream eyes shirt Joe Castro

We All screen for Ice Cream show