1. Picked up the new Arcade Fire and it’s really strong, although maybe a bit long? In case you haven’t heard, it’s about the suburbs, which has pretty much been my stomping grounds since birth, and they nail it in the head.

2. Saw Inception and it was pretty good – reminded me a little bit of Leonardo’s last film though, Shutter Island, which I liked a little bit better. Luckily, they didn’t go too over the top with the CGI effects or anything, and the acting/storyline was solid. Worth checking out on the big screen.

3. Chrome Ball Incident has a great interview up with Don Pendleton, which really gives some insight into the workings of the skateboard industry. Check it.

4. The Best Coast album is really fun as well, very summery and poppy.  Some of it reminds me of a lazy Ramones record slowed down and bathed in tons of echo.   If that sounds tasty, get some.

5. The new Transworld video, Hallelujah, is super insane, with T Puds part being as mind blowingly tech as everyone claims.  All five skaters charge it hard for this one though, and the line-up makes the vid very well rounded.  Taylor Bingaman is one to watch for sure –  his part reminded me a bit of Cardiel on sedatives, without Cards’ make-or-break intensity and energy, if that makes sense.  And don’t sleep on Pete Eldridge’s part either. Super good.

6. The Runaways movie is decent – pretty standard rock film filled with the usual cliches and everything but well done so, if you have a soft spot like me for films about rock-n-roll, then check it out.  It’s really more of a movie about Cherie Currie and Joan Jett  – they pretty much leave the rest of the band out of it, including Lita Ford, who’s had a pretty substantial career in her own right.  The dude who plays Kim Fowley nails it though.

Enough ramblin’ – this is what you get when I go a week without really posting.  More nonsense soon.