Sorry for the lapse in posts but understand, dear reader, it’s not due to laziness – we have many, many marshmallows roasting away on the fire right now, so stay tuned if you want s’mores. Speaking of which, save the date – Saturday October 2nd will be the opening for my solo show at the Slingluff Gallery, and we’ll be throwing an after party immediately following next door at the M Room, with three very special bands.  More details to be announced this week.

I did sneak out and catch My Morning Jacket’s set at Penn’s Landing last night. Sitting there, I realized the last time I caught the band was in ’04 so I figured I was overdue.  Totally different line-up this time, and I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Jim James is the only original member left, which was a bummer simply because I liked how the whole band used to have super long hair, and rocked on stage like Slayer while sounding like Neil Young.  JJ’s voice is still the star of the show, and he did not disappoint.  It was a good two hour set, with tunes from all across the back catalog. The kids seemed to like it.

Scott from Dr. Dog opened up and played a few acoustic tunes, which were decent.  He didn’t play much Dr. Dog material, so I’m not sure if he’s doing a solo album or what but I guess time will tell.  I’ve met Scott a few times, back when his old band Raccoon used to play shows with The Situation, and he was always a nice guy, so it was good to see him out there doing his thing.

Also watched Hot Tub Time Machine which was slightly better than expected – kind of raw and a little low-brow but it had it’s moments. Not great but a decent laugh.  Proceed with caution on that one though.

Plus…..a new Podcast coming in hot this week.  Don’t change the channel!