Just got back from the Philly premier of Stay Gold, the new skate flick by Emerica. There’s been a good deal of web hype about this one and, as we all know – nothing really ever lives up to modern expectations – but all I can say is it’s really, really good.  Visually, there’s a lot of mono-toned desaturated color mixed with super 8 grainy-ness. And the soundtrack is cohesive and sets a real team vibe for the whole thing.

So here’s a few random notes, while everything’s still fresh in the old cabeza:

Reynolds comes through hard with the closers and his part is super solid with a lot of variety. (actually, I don’t think he even did one frontside flip).  Good to finally see that Wallenberg footage, even if it is a few years old now.;

Leo Romero just destroys everything at full speed – his part may have been my favorite. Dug the grind up/grind down rail.;

Brandon Westgate’s part was also a fav – great style mixed with really fast lines.  He’s got some sick footage of bombing hills in SF that reminded me of vintage Chris Senn or Buzenitz;

I also dug Aaron Suski’s- great style with a unique approach to spots/tricks.

Herman kicks off his section with an insanely long kickflip to nose manny down the Sunset Strip.

The Jerry Hsu slam section was great and while his part didn’t top Bag of Suck, it’s still super sick and a lot of fun.

I don’t know -everyone’s parts are sick and I’m looking forward to checking it out again.  Braydon’s a standout, Figgy goes big  and Provost has some sick park footage.

The only bummer was Heath’s part, which is kind of a Matt Hensly-esque retirement retrospective (think of the intro to Questionable.) I’ve got mad respect for that dude though.

But whatever, at the end, I had the urge to go skate, which is what it’s all about anyway. But check it out for yourself.  You can pick it up on iTunes for $9.99, which is a bargin for sure.