“Too much of a good thing will tear you down.  You started as a tower, you’re rubble now”

The first thing that caught my attention on Young Blood Blues, the debut album by Hurray for the Riff Raff, was Alynda Lee Segarra voice – dark and soulful, she haunts the melodies rather than strangles them, like Chan Marshall covering a 16 Horsepower tune and slowing it down to it’s core. Her songwriting is simple but straight from the gut, saddened and perhaps remorseful but sung without fear. And with a lineup that includes banjo, accordian, fiddle and drums, the band pull of sounding rural without sounding “country”, which is no small feet.  There’s mileage and moonlight in their sound so if you label it “folk music”, then it’s folk music for drifters, for loners, for 3 am romantics on that lonely avenue. There’s something different going on here that’s both modern and primitive at the same time, something honest and real but not without magic or mystery. The bottom line – I dig this record and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve heard this year. I especially enjoyed Too Much of A Good Thing, Slow Walk and the balled I Know You. It’s been on heavy rotation for the past few weeks.

Hurray for the Riff Raff (photo: Alleyn Evans)

But hey – listen for yourself because you’re ears know better than mine – download the single Slow Walk here.

But mark your calendars – the band will be performing at the newly renovated Cha Cha Razzi art space in South Philly on Sunday, Oct. 17 – definitely looking forward to checking them out live. 1918 South Bancroft Street, Philadelphia, PA.