Mad Monster Party (podcast #4)


With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to go all out for podcast #4 and present a collection of some of my favorite fun & spooky monster tunes. This one was a little tricky, as I had to pick through 6+ hours of music in an effort to keep it under an hour but trust me, this isn’t your typical dollar store “halloween music cd” – there’s no Monster Mash, there’s no Werewolves of London and there’s no Ghostbusters. So open your ear drums and hopefully you’ll find some new favorites as well as some rare gems.

So…..Welcome to Mad Monster Party -enjoy!

One Comment on “Mad Monster Party (podcast #4)

  1.  by  Leigh

    This was a lot of fun Joe! Helped that hour go a little bit quicker. Keep em’ coming.

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