Been reading the Keith Richards auto-bio lately, and really dig it.  Lots of insight into his guitar and songwriting technique.  Honestly, it should be required reading for guitarists and rock musicians and I wish I had that book 15 years ago – very inspiring. I haven’t gotten to any of the craziness yet (Altamont, the 1970’s, etc.) but I’m certainly looking forward to it.  I can also recommend Nankering with the Rolling Stones, for more stories about what it was like during the band’s formation.

Saw a cool flick about indie record stores called I Need that Record, that’s worth a watch.  It puts a lot of different factors about the current state/demise of the record industry into perspective.  There’s a part in the film where Thurston Moore talks about being on tour and the most important thing about hitting a new town was checking out the local record shop.  I have to say I was the same way – every family outing, the first thing I did once getting to the hotel was check out the phone book to see how close the nearest record shop was.  I miss that opportunity for discovery and the excitement of walking into a dusty old record shop, covered floor to ceiling with band posters and music blasting out an old set of speakers.  Unfortunately, most of that’s gone now and instead we’re left with the cold convience of the internet which is fast and easy but oh so boring.  I think a NYC record shopping trip might be just what the doctor ordered.

What have I been listening to?  Endless Sleep by Jody Reynolds – an underrated 50’s classic. And I’m really digging this new Rival School single too – looking forward to their new disc.