Sometime toward the end of 2009, I got an email from the folks over at Artprojekt requesting an interview for their blog, followed by 5 short questions. In all honesty, I took a few months before finally getting around to responding and, although I was told it would go live sometime last spring, it most likely just got lost in the shuffle. No big deal, no worries.  Anyway, I was cleaning off some old files from my hard drive and came across a copy of it and figured I might as well share it now. Enjoy.

Artist Proof: Joe Castro

What inspires your art?
Music mostly – not in the clichéd rock-n-roll all night way or anything – more just the mood it sets in a room. Vintage movie posters – that idea of expressing a whole story through one image.  Just sitting back and watching people – how they move, talk, interact and lie is generally inspiring as well.

What is the relationship between technique and content in your work?
Billy Bragg once sang “The temptation to take the precious things we have apart to see how they work must be resisted for they never fit together again.” I try and take that to heart.

Describe your first experience of making art and how it affected your life’s journey
My older brother was really into drawing comics – seeing what he drew was always inspiring.   I don’t know – there was never really a conscious decision made about it. It’s just something I always did.

Describe your most recent experience of making art.
Holed up alone in a small 8′ x 10′ detached playhouse that was originally built for the previous home owner’s three daughters. it’s snowing outside so the space heater is pumping full blast.  Tom Waits familiar growl is in the air and a fresh pot of coffee was just emptied into my awaiting mug. I’m putting paint to canvas and there’s not a clock on the wall.  it’s heaven, really.

Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist
I’m not gonna front – I spend most mornings watching “Live with Regis and Kelly”. It’s pretty much down hill from there.