Watched the Will Ferral/Mark Walhberg flick The Other Guys last night and really dug it.  Lots of good laughs and well worth the rental.  Ferral plays the straight face like an ace – so funny.  And the Rock/Samuel L Jackson action scenes are so over the top ridiculous. But definitely stick around and watch the end credits – a very informative break down of the recent crimes of various CEOs, the Madoff scandal it’s their cost to the US public.  It’s always nice to see a comedy that sneaks in a very subtle political message.  Well done boys.

Definitely pick up a copy of the latest Skateboarder magazine, which has an excellent retrospective on Video Days as well as interviews with all the major players (Gonz, Jason Lee, Guy, Rudy, Jordan, Spike Jonze, etc.)  There’s also a nice little Marc Johnson interview in there as well. And I’m really digging the larger format of the magazine – the photos look amazing.

And don’t sleep on this one – Curly Castro (no relation) just released his long awaited debut full length album, Winston’s Appeal, for free online and it’s damn strong.  The whole disc is a solid listen – just tight lyrical hip-hop mixed with some reggaetron flavor, more on the conscious side lyrically but not preachy, more old school. I mean, this is the kind of hip-hop I love – think early to mid-90s.  Like I said, get it for your ear drums!

The Others Guys Preview from Christopher Smith on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes: Video Days Reunion Shoot Part 1 of 3 from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes: Video Days Shoot part 2 of 3 from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes: Video Days Reunion Shoot part 3 of 3 from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.