It was with a heavy and saddened heart that I received news that friend and former bandmate Jeremy Tuschak took his own life this past Friday. Jeremy and I played music together in Nero (formerly known as the Obese Pharaohs of Funk) for close to five years in Newark, Delaware, during the mid 1990’s. Those years spent in that band had an enourmous impact on my life and are memories that will not soon be forgotten.

A respected local musician, he was easily the most inventive and adventerous drummer I’ve ever worked with, one always open toward taking things in new directions and he played his instrument with the same passionate anger that often filled his life. He approached the entire drum set as a vehicle for rythmic expression and I learned a great deal from our time playing together, which made me a stronger musician. When jamming, one minute he would play like Bill Ward, the next like Reni then switch it up into a John Bonham thing but then nail some tight groove like Clyde Stubblefield. Amazingly talented – such a loss.

A hard person to really get past the surface of, Jeremy definitely harbored a dark side which he wasn’t always very good at hiding – but even though we never really moved in the same social circles, nor hung out much outside of the band, I fondly remember many late night conversations at the Barn Door, the weird dance moves and monkey jigs, his bizarre sense of humor peppered with warped impressions and faux accents.  Tuschak, too strong.  The Bipolar Biscuit. One of a kind for sure.

We recently reconnected over the past few years, and even discussed playing music again at some point, but, unfortunately, it never came to pass.  I can only hope that his soul is finally at rest and that he’s found some long deserved peace and happiness. You will be missed my friend. My heart goes out to his friends and family – your loss is my loss, is our loss.

Rest in peace Jeremy. Rest in peace Barn Door. Rest in peace faded memories of our long lost youth.

Click here for the obituary from the News Journal.