Well, you knew this one was coming sooner or later.  I mean, what’s a “Mighty Joe” podcast without an episode dedicated to our primate namesake, right?  Besides, I love monkeys, apes, chimps, the whole bit. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching the Planet of the Apes movies on TV or maybe BJ and The Bear, Any which Way But Loose,  Grape Ape, King Kong – the list could go on and on.  And obivously, I’m not the only one fascinated because songwriters have been penning tunes about primates for years, as proven here on podcast #6.  This is easily the most mainstream collection of tunes so far, but – hey, they all rock so go with what you know.  I’m sure you’ll still find a few surprises hidden in there as well.  It’s a lot of fun. So tune in, turn on and drop out to An Earful of Monkeys. Enjoy.