Just started watching the first season of VBS’ Thumbs Up – don’t know how I slept on this one but damn, it’s sooo good.  The show follows artist David Choe and his nephew Harry Kim as they hop trains and hitchhike across the US.  Amazing – those two definitely have plenty of guts and a few screws loose. Play catch up if you’ve never seen it (it’s on Netflix instant if you roll like that).  Totally insane.

Also really love this Raiders of the Lost Archives series that Skateboarder’s been doing with Andy Jenkins.  Very cool to see all the original Evan Hecox drawings in there – love that guy’s work. And for you lucky souls over in LaLa Land, Mr Jenkins has a solo show opening April 1st at Hibbleton Gallery in Los Angeles. Worth checking out for sure.

And speaking of skateboarding, peep this clip French Fred put together of Joey Brezinski’s new winery.  Definitely would love to get on the flow team for that one.

Picked up the new Jessica Lea Mayfield record, Tell Me, which I really like a lot.  It’s definitely a grower and took a few listens before I really got hooked but I just love her voice – she has that old school, lonesome country thing going but without sounding completely derivative or like she’s just coping a style. And for someone who sings about lying all the time, lyrically the record seems to be really open and honest (but then how can one ever know? and does it matter?)  Anyway, I dig it so give it a spin.  Dan Auerbauch from the Black Keys produced it – just saying.  Her other record, Blasphamy So Heartfelt is excellent as well. And for everyone in Philly, she’s playing the World Cafe on March 31st. Someone please put me on the list (again, just saying).