7ht street skate park shirt front Joe CastroI recently designed a t-shirt for Kinetic and Switch skate shops in Delaware, to help raise money for the new 7th Street skate spot in Wilmington.  The tee is loosely based on the film Stand By Me, as an inside-joke to the way-out-of-the-way location of the new park – it’s basically a long walk down a deserted, overgrown road to an abandoned boat dock where the side walk ends.  Regardless though, the spot is heavily sessioned by the local kids 7 days a week and worth checking out – I-Path, Mystery and the Vans teams have all been through lately.

7ht street skate park shirt back Joe CastroAll proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go toward pouring new concrete obstacles for the park.  You can pick one up at either Kinetic or Switch skate shops or, if you’re from out of town, you can now order them online as well. Thanks for the support.

7ht street skate park shirt front Joe CastroAnd for all the cinephiles who will undoubtly cry out “…but Castro, it wasn’t Teddy Duchamp who said that line in the movie, it was the fat kid Vern. You’ve got it all wrong!” – well, yeah, I took a little artistic license here because it made a cooler shirt.  Plus you can never go wrong with one of the Cory’s, bro.

7ht street skate park shirt back Joe Castro