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Steely Dan poster by Joe CastroI’ll be honest, I never really got into Steely Dan – I’d heard stuff over the years of course, but they never really moved me and it just wasn’t my thing, no big deal – so when I was asked to create a poster for their sold-out performance at the Tower Theater this weekend, I was a bit at a loss on how to approach it. Doing some research though, I found out they took their name from a line in William Burroughs‘ infamous novel, Naked Lunch.  Being a fan of Burroughs, I decide to take the whole thing full circle and do an illustration of the famous author.  I hope the band dig it.

These were printed by the guys at ABNRML and were presented to the band as a gift from Live Nation.  It’s a two color screen print on 130lb Black French Construction paper, size 12.5″ x 19″.  I do have a few extra prints that will be available for purchase in the new online store, once I finally get around to working out the kinks.  Stay tuned folks.

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6 Comments on “Post #1059 – Steely Dan poster

  1.  by  Tim Pervious

    I still “dig” some of that stuff. “Peg, it will come back to you…”, “”FM, no static @ all”, “Aaaaaaaja…”, “Hey, 19, thas’ ‘ Retha Franklin”. 70s music that wasn’t punk, wasn’t disco, wasn’t white blues. They carved their own niche, and some of the electric piano reminds me of under water bubbles, floating up into a candle lit night sky. The poster image was a clever nod.

  2.  by  mighty joe castro

    unfortunately, I am all out of these posters.

  3.  by  Jessica

    Are these prints still available? I NEED one!

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