I’ve always felt like instrumental rock tunes get a bum rap, like people look down on them as merely background music not worthy of their full attention simply because there isn’t some egotistical frontman babbling incessantly over the music. So podcast 8 is dedicated to the gems of the genre – the Link Wrays, the Dick Dales, the Booker T and the MGs.  I’ll admit, it’s hard to write a solid instrumental tune but when it’s done well, it’s powerful. And I’m not talking about jazz because that’s a whole other thing in and of itself. So, before you turn your nose up at this one, dear listener, remember it’s still chockfull with the kind of film samples you’ve come to expect from these podcasts, and you’ll definitely recognize more of these tunes than you realize, (probably from numerous Tarantino movies). Anyway, I bookended this one with two of my favorite tunes of all time, Soul Finger and Sleepwalk.  I hope you dig it.  It’s good driving music. Play loud. Play often.

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