Post #1088 – The Lift Up in Philly

Return to the North Star…

Stoked to announce¬†The Lift Up will be playing it’s first Philly show Saturday June 30th. It’s been a long time coming for sure and what better place to kick things off than the North Star, which was almost a second home for The Situation back in the day. Also playing are The Scovilles and The High Five, both Philly area high energy garage rock outfits, so it should be a fun night.

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2 Comments on “Post #1088 – The Lift Up in Philly

  1.  by  Tim Pervious

    Where is the Lift Up in the line-up, in case I have a relapse back into my chronic lateness?

  2.  by  admin

    we go on somewhere in the middle – 11pm maybe?

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