Got to check out the National Collage Society show at the Berman Museum of Art over the weekend and was super impressed.  Lots of different styles and approaches from artists from across the United States – definitely honored to be a part of such a great show.  And as a bonus, the downstairs has an excellent exhibit on Francios Gilot, which is also worth checking out as well.  Win, win.

But for those who can’t make it to Collegeville, PA before August 12th, the entire collage exhibit is now available for viewing online – click here to check it out. Honestly, the photos don’t do a lot of the pieces justice though.

And WRTI posted a nice little interview about the exhibit and collage in general on thier site – click here to listen.

And just a friendly reminder – my new band The Lift Up is playing The North Star in Philly on Saturday.  This’ll be our last Philly show until sometime in the fall – hope to see you there.

The Lift Up Norh Star Joe Castro