Mojo Main – November 24

Mojo Main The Lift Up Bik Black Night

Really stoked to announce that The Lift Up  will be returning to Mojo Main for a very special show November 24 (the saturday after Thanksgiving) with our friends The Big Black Night and The Components.

For those who haven’t heard yet via the facebook grapevine, The Components consist of DE music vets Tim Coslar (vocals) and Lance Stephens (guitar) – former members of The Joypoppers (Zowie records), Invasion and The Last Angry Band – who will be playing a special retrospective set of music featuring tunes from all three bands, who, in my opinion, were each criminally under-rated in their primes.  But, hey – don’t take my word for it, check out some of the musical history here. It’s been years since these old friends have played on stage together and as a fan, I can’t wait to check out this special set.  These guys are always high energy on stage and passionately soulful in their performance.  Rounding out the group are K-Rock on bass and PBJ on drums. Don’t sleep on this one – rest up from turkey day or whatever black Friday madness you’re into then come burn some calories at our little rock show.  The Components go on first around 9:30 pm, then The Lift Up around 10:30pm and Big Black Night at 11:30 pm or so.

Mojo Main is located at 270 East main Street, Newark, De.