Weak Stomach: If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may remember talk a few years back about a music video Justin Clowes & I were working on for the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers. We shot this on two cold December nights back in 2010 at Celebre’s Pizzeria off Packer Ave in Philly. This was my first time working with Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro & Has-lo, all who I’d go on to work with again down the road. The shoot was a lot of fun, a little bit stressful because time was tight and definitely a learning experience overall since it was the first time we shot with digital SLR cameras. So, long story short – the video gets finished, plans for releasing the EP get pushed back, pushed back then dropped and all that hard work gets stashed away into a hard drive time capsule.

Well, with the new Shadowboxers album finally getting ready to drop in the next few months, Zilla has decided to release “lost tapes” style the original Weak Stomach EP, along with the video.  You can get the full EP here, which is worth checking out.  Personally, I can’t wait for the new full length record – the Wrecking Crew are always pushing things forward and just keep getting better and better.

So, sorry for the delay – here’s the Weak Stomach remix video.  I hope it was worth the wait…..