Thank you:

It’s been a while friends, so I thought an update was slightly overdue….


First off, the influential collage blog, Feru Leru, was kind enough to recently post some of my work over on their site.  Thank you for that. Much appreciated.

And the kind folks over at The Weird Show  featured a few of my collages as well – you can view them here. Stoked on that as well – there are some amazing artists/works highlighted over there – definitely worth checking out.

And thank you to everyone who made it out to The Lift Up’s recent show at Mojo Main. For you townies who missed it – no worries, we’ll be back playing there again on Friday June 14th with schroeder.  more info on that to come.

And for those still waiting patiently for the release of The Lift Up’s debut album – here’s an update: we finished recording all of the tracks at the end of March, and are now trying our best to patiently wait for everything to be mixed by Jim Salamone over at Cambridge Sound Studios.  It’s kind of like being stranded on the runway, and you’re cleared for take off but there’s a long line of other planes ahead of you, so you sit quietly, try your best not to get frustrated over missed connections and hope that the stewardess will come by with complementary drinks again.  So, yeah – everything’s a bit pushed back.  The key word here is patience, as we are apparently the low man on the totem pole. But once we know something, I will pass it along.