Very excited about this one – here’s a poster I designed for Philadelphia singer/songwriter Madalean Gauze, for her upcoming show at Boot and Saddle in Philly, to celebrate the release of her excellent new album, Sing.  To be honest, when she first reached out to me, I was completely unfamiliar with her music and somewhat skeptical, because I am old and jaded and most newer bands I cross paths with don’t move me – but this record blew me away. It strikes a strong balance between arty, sophisticated arrangements and accessible pop hooks without coming across as pretentious or labored.  It’s catchy and intelligent, heart felt and powerful – simply brilliant. I hear elements of St Vincent, Patti Smith and Morrissey among others in there – but it retains a unique sound of it’s own. Anyway, I’m not here to write an album review but I will say it’s quickly become one of my favorite releases of the past year and has been on  steady rotation here at the studio.   Do yourself a favor and check it out here.  If this record doesn’t blow up, I’ll loose what little faith I have left in the music industry.

The poster is a 2 color silkscreen on 100# Cement Green French paper and features a new collage I created for it, entitled Deep Heart (shown below).

Thank you for finding me Madalean.