Excited to be included in the Collage group show at Latela Art Gallery in Washington, DC this month, featuring a  collection of collage/mixed media artworks by local and international artists. The opening is Saturday March 26 from 5-7pm.  I’ll be taking that soulless trek through the clogged arteries of I-95 South just to be in attendance so, if you’re in the chocolate city, please drop on by.

716 Monroe Street NE, Studio #27, Washington DC 20017

Featured artist include: Christa Avampato, Madison Bolls, Madeline Bryan, Joe Castro, Sara Clark, Laura Cowan, Tiffany de Lisio, Kristin Endsley & Hannah Adamaszek, Beth Ferraro, Kay Fuller, Marie B Gauthiez, Michael Holt, Fidel Iranzo, Elyana Shamselangeroodi, Charles Jean-Pierre, Abi Kallushi, Kayla Meier, Meghan Narayan, Gabriella Robles, Kevin Spencer, Marta Staudinger, Rives Wiley & Rachel Wishner.

The exhibition curated by Latela Art Gallery Director, Marta Staudinger, with the assistance of Heather Funk, Maps Glover & Rachel Wishner and runs from March 26-May 8, 2016