Here’s a brand new, 2 color limited edition silkscreen poster I designed for my friend/director Justin Clowes’ latest film project, Westward. He is selling these posters in an effort to raise necessary fund to complete the film.  You can receive one of these prints by making a donation on the Westward indiegogo page.

About Westward:
Westward is a true indie full of desert landscapes and lo-fi intrigue. Influenced  by  late 70s/early 80s film making and with a lead character that is the seminal anti-hero setting out on what could be his last drive across a never ending wasteland. A newly acquired pink haired companion joins him on his journey and while she may seem naive, she has a few tricks up her own sleeve.

At a time when content is abundantly formulaic, help support film making dedicated to being unique and challenging the way people think about original film.

About Justin Clowes:
Justin Clowes has been making films, music videos and documentaries for the last 15 years. Completely self taught and stubbornly marching to his own beat, the fruit of his labors has been unique if not mixed in their result. Determined not to be constrained by the machine or have his vision diluted by investors, this is a film maker you should support if you believe in supporting the arts and true independent film.