Post #1244 – Cults of Life #6

Excited to finally receive my copy of Cults of Life #6 zine in the mail last week, which features some of my collage work as well as a short interview. The new book format is great and the whole thing looks beautiful. Definitely pick up a copy. Thanks Niko for including me!

More info:
Issue #6 contains whopping 92 pages of international collage talent, with 36 artist features and 4 artist interviews.

Feature artists:
Lee McKenna (NZ), DadaSoulface (US), Dominik Bönisch (DE), Ed Dander (MX/US), Ermanno Cavaliere Goge (IT), Akinbo Akinnuoye (US), Lydia Mojzis (DE), X Is The Weapon (US), Dragut collage (TR), DHS (DE), Niko Vartiainen (FI), Linda Bernhard (UK), Cory Peeke (US), Flore Kunst (FR), Lia Boscu (UK), Deborah Stevenson (US), Itchi (FR), Martin Carri (AR), Anna Carolina Gelabert (PA), Dustin Bowen (US), Guy Vording (NL), Ricardo Tomás (SP), Sergio S Vidal (US), Nikolaus Dolman (AU), Franz Samsa (IT), Gabriel Parniak (CA), Stephen Tierney (AU), Jorge Chamorro (DE), computarded (US), Cless (SP), Johnny Gialanella (US), Lula Valletta van der Helm (DE), Matthew Bealor (US), Musta Fior (FR), Walter Paganuzzi (IT), Maxomatic (SP)

Joe Castro (US), ChangGang Lee (JP), Kit Clark (US) and Danilo Brandao (BR/AU)

Cult leaders #6 details:
January 2017, A5 format, 92 pages, 36 artist features and 4 artist interviews.
Curated and edited by Niko Vartiainen.

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